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Do you have a question that is not listed below? Please contact us HERE.

  • What happens if it rains, snows, or if the event is forced to be cancelled?"
    The event will still go on with rain or snow! If there is weather or circumstances out of our control that put our participants, volunteers, and event staff in physical danger, we must make a decision that could involve any of the following: - event cancellation - event delayed start time - route changes, including but not limited to: course shortening, rerouting, consolidation of 5K & 10K. - If the event is cancelled due to unsafe weather or other circumstances out of our control prior to 7 days before the event date, your registration in the 5k or 10k will be transferred to next years event. - If the event is cancelled due to unsafe weather or other circumstances out of our control within 6 days of the event date, we hate to say it, but we can not offer transfers or refunds of any kind. - Why? Because many participant expenses will have been already picked up, including shirts, bibs, and other items, and our expenses, such as rentals, vendors, insurance, payroll and all other Cost of Goods can not be refunded. This would not allow us to transfer these Cost of Goods to the following year. Yea, it's not a cool scenario, we agree.
  • My 10 year old wants to run the 5K or 10K with our family. I was going to do the Kidz Pack for him so he could get a shirt, etc. - Do I also need to register/pay for him to run the 5K or 10K?"
    No, you do not need to pay for him to accompany you in the 5K or 10K. It is free for kids 10 and under with registered parent/guardian. That’s why we offer a Kids Pack, just in case kids 10 and under want a shirt and some freebies. The Kidz Pack is a great way for you to save money.
  • My 11 year old wants to run the 5K or 10K with our family. Do I need to register/pay for her to run the 5K or 10K?
    Yes. Pretty simple answer, eh? I bet you weren't expecting that?
  • My 10 year old and 12 year old are registered to run the 5K, can they also participate in the Free Kidz Run?"
    10 year old = YES 12 year old = NO ​ The Free Kidz Run is meant only for kids 10 and under. No we don't ask you to provide a birth certificate, but for real... this is about safety and the little ones people! (Just Say No - to over age Kidz Run participating)
  • I heard there is a slip'n slide finish line?
    Ha! You'll just have to sign up and find out! Not to mention there are some other fun features throughout the courses! (No, you don't have to slide, it's optional and actually located just after the finish line.)
  • So, tell me about the infamous (er, famous) craw-fish boil?"
    No, you are not forced to eat any crawfish, however, we strongly recommend it! We special order live craw-fish from the Bayou, prepared and served fresh after the event. For those of you 21+, you may enjoy free local beer as well! The perfect summer combination in Nisswa!
  • May I pick up registration packets for others? Can others pick up my packet for me?
    Yes... However, please be sure that you are in good communication with your friends, so that they know you are picking up for them!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    The Nisswa Firecracker has a no refund policy if you are not able to make the event in which you registered and committed to attend. ​ If you have a medical situation we will refund you in full or transfer you to the following year. You must provide an official letter from your doctor.
  • Not sure if you're registered? Need to reprint your tickets?
    Check to see if you're registered for this year or reprint your tickets.
  • Are strollers and wagons allowed? How about animals?
    Yes! Stollers, kids scooters, wagons are welcome. We ask that you keep all 4 legged friends off of the course. We hate saying no, but they are welcome on a leash at the finish area.
  • Is there a time limit on the run?
    - If you are running the 10K, your estimated finish time should be within 1.5hrs (estimated 14 minute/mile) - If you are doing the 5K, your estimated finish time should be within 1.5hrs (estimated 27 minute/mile) Technically, there is not a time limit. However, just know that if you finish after the above listed times, you may endure a different experience at the finish line and on course, as our team will begin taking down course markings, etc.
  • Is there a charity benefit for this run?
    The Firecracker Run helps raise funds for the local local non-profit organizations who help during the run. We have a great partnership with Bridges of Hope, if you haven't heard of them, please check them out. By participating in The Nisswa Firecracker, you are helping Bridges of Hope tremendously! If you are interested in raising money for your group, please contact us!
  • If I don't show up to the event, do I still get my shirt, bib, and stuff?"
    Yes and No. If you do not show up to the event or packet pickup to claim your belongings you will have 7 days after the event to reclaim them. You must contact us to do this. After 7 days, they will be forfeited.
  • What should I wear for the run?
    We strongly encourage dressing to the occasion! (Independence Day that is!) Weather in July in Minnesota can do many things but snow. We recommend bringing a long sleeve shirt if the morning is chilly. You may also want to bring a hat or visor, sun screen, and a rain jacket in case we encounter rain.
  • Are there awards for the run?
    The top overall 10K man and woman each receive $250 cash prizes. All runners will receive a great event shirt, free Beer and crawfish boil.
  • Is the event timed?
    You may choose a 'chip-timed' option when registering at least 5 days prior to the event date.



The Nisswa Firecracker Run

 A Lake Country Classic

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