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WAVE START TIMES (PDF will be posted by noon July 1st)


Please Read this and share it with those you registered and ALL others in your group.

We GREATLY appreciate your flexibility this year in running at the times in which you are randomly inserted to.

Start Location (behind Triangle Gas station/Dairy Queen): See Map HERE


Please follow these guidelines: (lots of pleases in here)

  1. Do Not come to the start line more than 15 minutes before your scheduled start wave.

  2. When you get to the start line, please respect others who are in your group. (you know, 6ft distancing… If you choose not to wear a mask, make it 12 ft, be cool, respect others)

  3. Once you are on course, you may pass others or be passed by others even though waves are starting 15 minutes apart. Please respect others space while out there.

  4. Follow pedestrian law at all times. As hopefully you know through our previous emails, this year there is no ‘official’ course. We are not able to close roads, place course marshals and aid station volunteers, so if you’d like to run or walk the 2019 course, you may print it or keep it on your phone.

    1. PDF Map: HERE

    2. 5K MapMyRun: HERE

    3. 10K MayMyRun: HERE

  5. Finish Line. Once you get to the finish line, we ask you to please mosey on through and do your best not to form lines. Grab your to-go box of crawfish boil, bottled water, take a photo at the photo backdrop, and get on your horse out of there! You can grab your free beer at Ye Olde Pickle Factory next door between 9am-5pm. (Don’t forget your bib, it has your beer ticket on it!)


  7. We can’t wait to see all of you on July 4th




The Nisswa Firecracker Run

 A Lake Country Classic

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